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Ways to Boost your Sex Drive after Childbirth

A lot of our Mums the Kyemen Moms Support Page complain that their desire for sex has gone down the lane after giving birth here are a few tips to get you back

1. Practise some self-care and rest, rest rest rest

A hot shower and sleep are sometimes all it takes to make you feel a little closer to your pre-baby state. Think of something you could do alone that would make you feel great, and do it. make sure you are not so stressed during the day, get a bouncer, swing or rocker with music (see prices here) to keep your baby engaged so you are not so stressed during the day.


Rest is crucial for a new mum because Once you are tired your body can't respond to any sexual stimulation 

2. Make sure your baby is well fed before sleep so baby does not wake up or cry during intimate times, you can try the Breast milk Maker lactation products  to get more milk for baby
3a.Your partner’s seduction techniques may need some tweaking
 Be open about what you need. Tell him what  he needs to do to get you to be horny, and let him take his time during foreplay
3b. Spend some non-sexy couple time.
“Even a date in front of the TV together or spooning in bed will help you feel closer—you have to carve out the time to do that, If you’re starting to notice that you’re withholding simple acts of intimacy (like cuddling) because you’re worried your partner will think it’s a come-on, be kind and as honest about it as possible.
4. If sex is feeling like just another chore on your insurmountable to-do list, it’s important to ask yourself this: How good, exactly, is the sex you typically have with your partner?
“Think about what kind of sex would motivate you to have sex, If it’s far from the actual sex you’re having (or not having), it’s time to have a talk about your needs and what feels good—and what doesn’t—now that your body has changed.
5. Try to remember that your emotions and anxiety about The First Time are probably largely unfounded and will be eased by just doing it.
Remember some of the old times you spent with you partner and enjoyed it most
“One good sexual experience can be very reparative,”  But if you’re having trouble connecting to your past sexual self, it’s OK, she says. “You might need some more time and space.”
6. If your baby is sleeping in your room OR BED, be honest: Is it affecting your sex life?
“Some people can’t imagine having sex in the same room as their baby, Use it as a chance to play around—a couch makeout or a steamy kitchen session could really crank up the heat. Get a crib, cot or co-sleeper (See price here)  to keep baby in and free the bed.
7. Also try some natural remedies that can help boost your libido,
A mums remedy below
Coconut+ date+ tiger nut* ( This the most powerful of all)

Watermelon+ ginger+ date

Coconut+ ginger+ date
Pineapple+ honey

Pineapple + probiotic yogurt

Watermelon+ lemon
You can be blending this juice and drinking them daily
Blend tiger nut, coconut and dates and drink
Eat mango, it increase libido in women
Eat guron tula, it also increases your urge for sex
You will also have to be doing vagina steaming with clove and Ada salt ones every week
You will add them together blend and sieve into 500ml bottle and refrigerate and take them as a snack. It should last 7 days in the fridge. So me I do 5 bottles, 1 bottle from Monday to Friday then it's finished the following week you do again. I mostly prepare it on Sundays.


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