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Thermometer InfraRed

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The structure and composition of this product: The product is composed of a shell, an infrared temperature sensor, a signal receiving processor, a key, a COB board, a  and a  crystal display of application: display the body temperature of the measured object by measuring the heat  of the forehead

Working Principle:
The infrared receiving principle is used to measure the body temperature of the human body. When in use, it is only necessary to conveniently align the detection window with the position of the forehead to quickly and accurately measure the body temperature.

Non-contact thermometer infrared is designed primarily to measure body temperature. The product in characterized by the clear signals, as in the case of normal temperature, as above. When the measurement is lower than the value set by default (default is 38 degree) the back-light of the LCD screen -light green, the icon is displayed a smiling face and a warning tone sound.