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Cot Foldable  (KDD 993)

Cot Foldable (KDD 993)

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Best Multifunctional Baby Play Pen with changing station. 

  • This Kyemen Multifunctional foldable crib or portable game bed is a very essential and highly cost effective cot to purchase. 
  • This is not just a baby crib. It's an Eco-friendly Infant Bed which is comfortable for baby, very strong and secure for children from as low as 0 age to 7 years and even after, it can be folded nicely back into the box and stored for your next baby.
  • It doesn't just serve as a bed but can be transformed into a play pen for baby. Hence saving you more cash. 

Features of this Spacious and Affordable Foldable Cot for Infants

  • This happy baby play pen right here in the No1 Baby Online Shop in Ghana comes with cot toys that makes baby playtime super duper.
  • This Kyemen baby foldable Cot comes with a large cot net which keep baby safe from mosquito bites and other inserts. Making it one of the safest sleeping place for baby.
  • This toddler bed  comes with a changing station and storage channels.


*Height: 29 inches  *Width: 30.3 inches  *Length: 43.3 inches

Suitable for 0 to 7 years old children. 

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