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Momeasy Double Electric Breast Pump

Momeasy Double Electric Breast Pump

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1.Helps improve lactation of breast milk. After breastfeeding your child, it is important to

stimulate the mammy gland and improve lactation of breast milk in preparation for the ne

2.Enables you to sit in a more comfortable expressing position and you don't have to lean

3.Soft cushion gives a warm feel to the skin for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your mi suckling for natural let down and clinically proven effectiveness. The soft massage cushion

4. Express more milk in less time with this double electric breast pump.

5.Comes with natural shaped nipples and makes baby easily feed from breast and bottle.

Please read the instructions carefully before use and retain it f


1.Clean rinse and sterilize all parts of the breast pump except the motor unit, the tube an

2.Always unplug the breast pump immediately after use

3.Don't use abrasive cleaning agents or anti-bacterial cleaners. Dry thoroughly after clear

4. You can clean the parts except the motor unit, the tube and cap and the adapter in the

5.Never put the motor unit or the adapter in water.

6.Keep it out of the reach of children.

7.Inspect the breast pump for signs of damage before each use. Do not use it if it does no

8.Not use the breast pump while you are pregnant, sleepy or drowsy.

9. Always switch off the breast pump before you remove the pump body from your breast

10.Do not expose the breast pump to extreme heat or place it in direct sunlight.

11.The breast pump is only intended for repeated use by a single user.

12. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure your breasts are clean before expressing

13. Never heat milk in a microwave as this can cause uneven heating. It may also destroy

14. If expressing becomes painful, stop and consult your breastfeeding advisor or healthe