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Ways To Bond During Diaper Change


😟 Diaper changes for babies are like dentist visits for adults: one person does most of the talking while the other lays there helplessly and only speaks gibberish!

🦷 My dentist growing up told great stories. We bonded so much that he felt like an uncle or something even though I only saw him twice a year. He took a basic routine and made it memorable. You can do the same with diaper changes! Here’s how:
🤪 Make Faces: newborns love studying your expressions. As they age, they will enjoy trying to mimic you as well!
🗣 Talk: Practice your storytelling skills while your baby gets to know your voice. Tone and inflection mean more to her than what you’re actually saying. But guess what: substantial evidence has shown that the variety of words infants and toddlers hear is a major determinant of reading success when they get older.
🎹 Play Piano: Pretend you’re playing piano on his little belly and hum a little tune as you play!
🎵 Sing songs: Don’t worry what you sound like. Just pick a tune and you’ll keep them entertained. A soothing lullaby can help especially if baby is upset. Also, as baby ages you can have her do hand motions to songs and become an active participant in the medley.
🙈 Peek-a-Boo: Newborns may not understand quite yet, but once they catch on it’s like an epic stage show of mystery and intrigue they can’t resist!
💕 Affirmations: Get in an early habit of giving your kids words of affirmation. Since your focus is totally on baby, use it as a moment to speak simple stuff from your heart like, “I love you,” or “I’m so glad you’re my little boy.”
The bottom line: focus on your baby and don’t pass up this opportunity to have their undivided attention!
What special routines have you tried while bonding during diaper changes?


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