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Pregnancy can be an AMAZING experience, but I know for many it can also be a fearful time (add in a pandemic and it's just a bowl full of anxiety!).

Save this list so you know what symptoms to look for and if you experience any of these - call your doctor!

▶️Now I know some of you may be like... well I have a headache every day!
I have pain in my belly when I stand up or stretch a weird way.

It can be SO HARD to know when a symptom is normal and when it's NOT normal.

Here are a few tips:
1. When in doubt - just ask! That's what the nurse line is there for!
2. Many symptoms on this list can be normal pregnancy side-effects, too. A good rule of thumb is that if a symptom is intense or persistent, it may not be normal.

😣 For example: if you're having a headache all day every day and it's making it hard to function... CALL! If you have a headache at the end of a long day and a glass of water makes it go away - it's most likely normal.
(This is not medical advice - be sure to always ask your doctor first!)

This list does NOT include preterm labor signs - I will do another post on those next week 🤰

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