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How much Sleep Does a Baby Needs


These are just averages and recommended numbers by the NSF (National Sleep Foundation) and the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine), if your baby (kiddo) is sleeping slightly less or slightly more than these, that's ok!

Newborns: generally referred to as the group from birth until 3/4 months. As you can tell 14-17 is quite the range so some babies need really short naps in order to consolidate night sleep, some other babies need longer naps. That's ok. I never worry about 'normal' sleep with newborns as long as mom and baby seem happy with what they have.

Infants: generally the group from 4-11/12 months old. This is again quite the range, 12-15 so this is why some babies nap a LOT and others won't consolidate naps longer than 40 minutes until they can take just two. It's also why some 11 and 12 mos drop to one nap.

Toddlers: generally the group of chatty wobbly 1-3 year olds. In general this group stays pretty close together and gives us 11-12 hour nights and a good 1-3 hour long nap. Totally fine if your little needs two naps still for a while or if they drop this nap around 2 years/ 2.5 if they're giving you longer nights.

Preschoolers: in general this group is the 3-6 year olds. As long as they're getting a good long night in you don't need to worry about them necessarily napping. Of course if you can protect the nap.. DO! and remember most kiddos (and adults) need some downtime even if they don't entirely fall asleep during the day. Quiet time is where it's at!

How old is your little and how many hours on average do they get per 24 hour period?

Also.... Do these types of charts and explanations help or hurt you? Hopefully it helps you see there's a big range in sleep needs. Let me know how I can best help you!
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