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Hemorrhoids In Women

For all the joys and happiness of pregnancy and new mamahood, there are the not-so-great things. Like, the ‘rhoids.

Approximately 50% of pregnant women will develop hemorrhoids and then approximately 25-35% of pregnant women will develop postpartum hemorrhoids.

🔹 What are they?
Enlarged veins (varicose veins) in your anus and lower rectum
• they can be internal and/or external

🔹 Why?
• Pregnancy - pressure from baby, constipation and, possibly, hormones can cause hemorrhoids
• Postpartum - the force of pushing during vaginal delivery and constipation can cause hemorrhoids

🔹 Symptoms
• painful bowel movements
• itchiness
• pressure
• bleeding/tearing
• swelling

🔹 What can you do?

• Don’t strain on the toilet
- go as soon as you feel pressure to have a bowel movement (don’t hold it in)
- elevate your feet on a step stool

• Stay Hydrated
- drinking warm water in the morning may help

• Eat Fiber
- prunes, lentils, berries & popcorn are all high in fiber

• Keep the area clean

🔹 During pregnancy, you can apply coconut oil to the area. Some mamas are also helped by doing Kegels to strengthen their perineum for (vaginal) delivery.

🔹 Postpartum, you can do herbal sitz baths for 15min twice a day, apply cold compresses with witch hazel and clean yourself with warm water in a peri-bottle.

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