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Easy to Make Ghanaian Baby Food Recipes Part 1, Check Out

Easy to Make Ghanaian Baby Food Recipes

Mummies after weaning from breastmilk find it difficult to get babies to eat other foods,  mummies from Kyemen moms support Groups, have been throwing in suggestions and we have made a compilation of the comments and recipes for other mums who are struggling to learn from. 

These are a compilation of Ghanaian homemade recipes from a lot of women on our mom's support page

Recipe 1. 

From 4months

Blend tomatoes, onions, carrots together. Bring to boil. Add little palm oil, a little salt and lots of flaked salmon. Allow to boil then add water. Slice yam or sweet potatoes into cubes and add to cook. Mash and you're ready to serve. 8 months and above.

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From 6months
Rice porridge +little Margarine +boiled egg+baby formula. Blend them and store in the fridge.Warm it when baby is ready to eat. My baby does not like swt stuffs hence I add no sugar. U can add banana to make it a bit sweet. Use preferably within 12hrs

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Recipe 3

From 6months
 cook potatoes, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, onions,  green pepper and fish powder or shrimp powder. Add two spoons of oil and a pinch of salt. Blend all after cooking and pour into portions and freeze. Serve when ready to eat. I do same with rice.
I also blend banana and yogurt, mangoes, Apple and grapes and pawpaw too.
YouTube helps too

Recipe 4

from 6months
Prepare your normal Tom Brown, add boiled egg, sliced mango/banana or both, baby milk then blend. If baby is a year and above add  a little honey. 

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Recipe 5

from 6months
Bread,fried egg,margarine and baby's milk blend them together and serve,cooked potatoes, steam chicken and carrots blend them too

Recipe 7

from 6months
Add egg to oat whiles on fire together with baby formular after cooking. Its very nutritious

Recipe 8

from 4months
Potatoes , chicken , carrots, onion n tomatoes. boil and blend allow it to cool n feed.
rice and apple. boil, blend n add milk

Recipe 9

from 6months
Baby rice with boiled eggs

Recipe 10

from 7months

Rice +minced meat+beet +tomatoes. For 7months you can replace the beet with carrots.7months and above

6 Tablespoon of minced meat of your choice
30grams of rice
1 carrot or beetroot
1/2 tomatoes
2 tablespoon of unsalted butter
Pinch of cinnamon +Turmeric +chia and Flax seed powder mix together.
Pepper to taste from 9 months and above
Salt for 1 year and above
1.Wash your hands with soap and water.
2. Get your minced meat and place it in a bowl.
3.Add your Pinch of cinnamon +Turmeric +chia and Flax seed powder mix together and pinch of salt for 1 year and above.
4. Mix spices very well with minced meat and put it back in the fridge for 10mins.
5.Cook your rice with unsalted butter till tender and set aside.
6.Grate your beetroot or carrots and chop up tomatoes after removing seeds.
7.Take out your minced meat add a little water and cook till tender.
8.Place frying pan on fire and add your unsalted butter.
9.Add your minced meat and stir fry with butter. Add your vegetables and fry all till tender. Now add your rice and mix very well.
Serve. You can blend all up with minced meat stock for 7months to 8months. Serve direct to the rest. However if you are able to get meat very tender and vegetables serve direct even to your 7months old without blending they would pick and eat to encourage chewing.

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  • My baby is 10month 1week please what food will help him gain weight

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