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Baby Milk Intake By Age

Human milk is brilliant and is created to perfectly feed your little one by constantly adjusting to meet their needs! 🥰

👉🏻This means that as the baby ages, the concentration of calories and protein (to name a few) increases! You may not notice an increase in volume of milk intake at all from 4-12 months. This is just an average guide and some babies never need 4 ounces per feeding, some are content with 2-3 ounces per feeding and eat more frequently. Some babies may take more, main point is we let them guide the milk intake and we don’t need to be worried if they are not taking a consistently larger amount as they age!

👉🏻My little man never took more than 3 1/2 - 4 ounces per feeding from the bottle!

Milk intake actually may decrease around the 6 month mark if baby is really loving solid foods OR it may stay exactly the same! - remember this is totally normal and breastmilk/formula is the main nutrition source for the first one year of life! ✅

So this to say, no stress❌ if you aren't making more milk than you used to because that's normal!

Formula fed babies do require more volume as they age so this is not related to those babes.

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Did you know this? Did your babe stay the same or consume more milk as they age?

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