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Tommee Tippee First Weaning Spoon ( 4m+) - Kyemen Baby Online

Tommee Tippee First Weaning Spoon ( 4m+)

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Our Explora First Feeding Spoons have been designed as your babys first step in learning to feed from a spoon.

First Feeding Spoons feature a super-soft collapsible silicone base that deposits the food gently onto your baby¿s tongue, helping him or her to enjoy a fuller taste from those first spoons of baby rice or purées.

Pack of 2 spoons ideal for babys first feeds of rice and purées

Super-soft collapsible silicone base flexes and flattens for that first spoon experience

Long handles for reaching into food jars and storage pots

Dishwasher, microwave and sterilizer safe