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Breast Pump Manual (Fisher Price)

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  • Product Type: Breast Pump

  • Brand: Fisher Price

  • This pump has an ergonomic easy-express handle to reduce hand fatigue while mom pumps for an easy and comfortable experience

  •  2-phase technology, designed to simulate breastfeeding, aids in let-down and maximizes pumping efficiency

  • Its lightweight and compact design is perfect for pumping on the go

  • Made of Non-toxic, phthalate-free, dishwasher safe, effective breastfeeding support; 100% BPA free

How to use: 1. Wash your hands thoroughly, sit down and relax. Fit the pump’s body cushion cover firmly to your breast. 2. Pull the handle until you feel the pressure on your breast. Pump the handle with fast and weak movements, mimicking your baby’s first sucking attempts. Babies start licking at a fast tempo (0.6 to 0.8 sec). Do not pull the handle all the way. Pull about halfway and then release. 3.When the breast milk begins to flow, pump more slowly, again mimicking a baby’s sucking motions. A baby will settle into a slower tempo ( 1 or 2 sec). If it feels comfortable, you can pump a little harder. 4. If you want to transport the pump, it is important to keep the funnel sanitary. After sterilizing and assembling the parts, cover the funnel with the funnel cover. 5. Breast milk is full of nutrition. To keep it fresh for future use, insert a sealing disk into the cap, screw the cap tightly into the nursing bottle, and store the bottle in the refrigerator. NOTE: Do not freeze or refrigerate milk once it has been heated. Do not microwave breast milk as much of the nutritive value will be lost. Do not leave breast milk sitting at room temperature.