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Baby Carrier Discovery Baby )

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  • Discovery Baby Carrier is Suitable for small babies from 0-24months.
  • There are additional straps to keep babies legs in optimum position.
  • With babies up to four months old you should always carry them on your front, facing in to your chest.
  • The part of the carrier that is against the babies back is lovely and firm and feels like it is really holding them well and supporting their back properly. Their legs are tucked up and into the fabric at the bottom of the carrier against your tummy in a natural position (Baby A automatically got his legs into the right position without me having to adjust him in any way)
  • There is a chest strap to go over the front of baby to ensure they are securely held in the carrier with no chance of them wriggling too low.
  • The chest strap and the strap which does up on the adult is easy to adjust for your size with sliders to find the best position to suit you and your baby.
  • You can continue using the Tiny Love carrier with baby on your front facing in until they reach 12 months old – as they get taller the fabric can be folded out of the way to free their legs, first in frog position then in legs around waist position, while still providing fantastic support under their bottom and on their thighs, no ‘crotch dangling’ going on here.